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Live Stream:Services are currently being live-streamed on Facebook - If you do not have Facebook, you can sill view messages by clicking on this link and scrolling down to the messages.

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Our Sunday Morning Services and all complete sermons for series, revivals or special services are also available upon request.

Davids Mighty Men

Pastor Reitz-These Be the Names

Pastor Reitz-Adino - The Spear

Pastor Reitz-Eleazar - The Dodo that Did it

Sunday Sermons 

09-13-15 - Bro. Reitz - Is It Real Yet?

03-13-16 - Pastor Reitz - When a Donkey makes a Monkey out of a Man

03-27-16 - Pastor Reitz - An Invitation to a Graveyard

04-03-16 - Pastor Reitz - How Old are You?

10-10-16- Pastor Reitz - Pillows in the Storm- Trials

11-23-16-Pastor Reitz - 5 Commands for Thankfullness

01-01-17 - Bro. Reitz - The Gift that Keeps Giving

04-23-17- Bro. Reitz- What Does it Mean to Serve God?

06-25-17 - Pastor Reitz - The Book of Baruch

07-02-17 - Bro. Reitz  - When the Blind think they can See

08-13-17 - Pastor Reitz - Chasing Fleas

10-08-17 - Bro. Reitz - The Path of Change

11-05-17-Bro. Dunn-  Jonahs Ministry 

11-12-17-Bro. Dunn -What to do when Someone Outruns You

12-03-17-Bro. Johnson-The Power of Example

12-03-17-Bro. Johnson-Friendship With Jesus

12-03-17-Bro. Johnson-But God

12-31-17- Bro. Jacob Reitz - And One

12-31-17- Bro. Jacob Reitz - Balancing the Clouds

01-16-18 - Pastor Reitz - Shepherd's Shepherds

09-02-18 -Bro Reitz - Our Life for Thine

09-18-18 -Pastor Reitz - Choosing the Good Part

09-23-18 -Bro Reitz - Where to Find God

10-28-18 - Pastor Reitz - Preparing to Meet God part 1


Meeting God on a Mountain 2017

11-26-17-Bro. Harding-First Responders 

11-27-17-Bro. Dawson-Protection

11-28-17 -Bro. Dawson- Being Spirit Filled 

11-28-17-Bro. Burkett- How to Fight Discouragement

11-28-17-Bro. Dunn-The perfect couple

11-29-17-Bro. Dawson-Temptation of the Evil Man

Prayer Lives of the Men of God 

8-10-16 - Pastor Reitz - Sauls Prayer

8-17-16 - Pastor Reitz - Davids Prayer

3-15-17 - Pastor Reitz - Intercessory Prayer- Davids Prayers

9-6-17   - Pastor Reitz - Double Portion - Elishas prayers

The Golden Alphebet 

1-29-10-Pastor Reitz-The Eighteenth Letter 

2-10-10-Pastor Reitz-The Nineteenth Letter

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